Creative Lab Amsterdam

Purple Bananas Pouch Flat / Pencil Case

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Colorful pencil case made of 100% water resistant cotton. It is washable and has an YKK zipper. This pencil case is very handy for your pencils and/or accessories. Cheerful purple design with happy banana plants.

25 cm length / 16,5 cm height / 1,5 cm depth

100% cotton

Water resistant: Yes

- About the brand -
In 2016, Nienke and Heleen, started an exciting journey that has grown into what Creative Lab Amsterdam is today. The extensive collection, including eye-catching wallpaper, notebooks and greeting cards, has a unique signature. With its original designs, elegant prints, strong colours, creative printing techniques and the use of high-quality materials, Creative Lab Amsterdam has acquired a strong market position and loyal customer base. Straight to the heart. The designs of Creative Lab Amsterdam are based on feelings. About emotions. The designs bring energy and fun.